I am very tired but Iike you a lot. So please have this LINK to Thursday's show and a smashing cocktail recipe. Oh yeah, it is FREE and it's for #womenshistorymonth and in celebration of #LGBTQIA #transrights. ORDINARY EQUALITY!
It's time to fight for a better future for everyone, and to learn the history of the #women and #LGBTQIA people who started the equal rights movement
The link, the drink, the news, and a special guest--THURSDAY!
It's STILL February. You could probably use a pick-me-up.
What if I told you there was a place where Victorian Spiritualism lives on?
This is Peculiar Book Club . It’s weird. It’s science-y. It’s a safe haven of nerdery for all peculiar people with bizarre interests–and best of all…
OH THE DRAMA The Gilded Edge with Catherine Prendergast In This Issue Peculiar News and Notes Upcoming Show and Link Reminders PECULIAR NEWS Well, I…
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